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At Independent With Autism, we use ABA, Social Thinking, TEACCH, Floor Time and Cognitive Behavior Therapy.  We utilize a variety of methods per the individual's need to help those with Autism live productive lives.  Contact Us for more information!

Becky Weaver

Rebecca Weaver

Program Coordinator

Rebecca is a Certifed Autism Specialist, a Licensed Special Educator and a Learning Behavior Specialist. She has proudly served the Autism / Asperger’s community for over 20 years, not only as an educator but also in special recreation.

Rebecca has been a part of the special needs community her entire life and is always delighted to empower her clients. Having an older sister with Down's Syndrome, she has witnessed her parent's ongoing struggles to obtain an inclusive education for her sister as well as social & work opportunities for her sister to live a full and happy life.

Rebecca brings that same passion and caring to all of her clients, wanting them to achieve their full potential as well.

Marianne Embree

Marianne Embree

Community Relations Coordinator

Marianne has spent 20 years in IT and is excited to be working with Independent With Autism to build a community around the company.  We hope our efforts in social networking and community outreach can bring attention to issues facing those on the spectrum locally, nationally and globally.  Contact me if you want to discuss partnering with Independent with Autism.

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