Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Every person with Autism experiences life with different strengths and challenges.

Everyone is different, we know that.  We will try to answer some generalized questions about common strengths and challenges related to Autism fully realizing each person experiences life uniquely.

What is the correct way to refer to someone on the autism spectrum?

You may either say a person is autistic or that he/she has autism.

What challenges do adults on the spectrum face?

The first challenge is that some may not be diagnosed and therefore not understand why they are having difficulties.

Another significant challenge is maintaining a social life and relationships. Yet another challenge is both obtaining and maintaining employment. All of these challenges combined with difficulties dealing with emotions can create a situation of stress and confusion that is difficult to resolve without outside help.

We are available to do a needs assessment and create an action plan.

I heard someone with autism refer to me as neurotypical. What does that mean?

A neurotypical person is someone without ASD.

Why are there so few girls with autism/Asperger's syndrome?

The diagnostic criteria for ASD was developed based on the observations of autistic boys. Girls present with different symptoms.

I have difficulty changing my plans/ schedule once it is set. Can you help?

Yes! We will work with you to come up with options for dealing with unexpected changes in your plans.

About Our Services

We are here to create a personalized plan for individuals and businesses of all kind.

Please contact us if you don’t see what you’re looking for – we can be very creative!


We are delighted to help adults, teens and children with social difficulties, organizational and executive function challenges, whether diagnosed or not.

We can meet in person, via text, chat or phone.

The first 30-minute appointment is free.  We will engage in an assessment so we can suggest effective paths forward.


While enrolled in school there are a number of meetings with various faculty members.  

We understand the incredible amount of information shared at these meetings and have several ways we can support you. We can review any IEP drafts you receive. We can also attend the meeting with you and offer suggestions and support. If you’ve already had your IEP meeting, we can review the IEP document you received. We encourage you to utilize some of the 10 day review period to make sure you fully understand the IEP.


Is your business looking to hire?  Individuals on the Autism spectrum can be exceptional additions to your business.

We understand there may be apprehension due to misconceptions about what employing someone with Autism means.  We are here to help.

We can consult with your HR department to make sure hiring practices are fair and effective.  We can also assist with onboarding and integrating all employees for a successful and inclusive environment.


We have been very successful in creating training plans for groups and businesses that come in contact with people with disabilities.  We partner with other groups in the area and can create a variety of programs to ensure your teams are handling situations that arise.  Please contact us and let us know how we can help your group!

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