What challenges do adults on the spectrum face?

Answer The first challenge is that some may not be diagnosed and therefore not understand why they are having difficulties.  Another significant challenge is maintaining a social life and relationships. Yet another challenge is both obtaining and maintaining employment.   All of these challenges combined with difficulties dealing with emotions can create a situation of stress and confusion that is difficult to resolve without outside help.

We are available to do a needs assessment and create an action plan.

I am chronically late, Can you help?

Answer: Yes! We have many strategies to assist with time management.

What are some of the personal growth topics you address?

Answer: We work on social skills, emotional self-regulation, time management, organization, goal setting, cognitive flexibility, health, cooking, leisure options, and finances.

Do you teach mindfulness strategies?

Answer: Mindfulness is a key component to our social skills and self regulation strategies.

I have difficulty changing my plans/ schedule once it is set. Can you help?

Answer: Yes! We will work with you to come up with options for dealing with unexpected changes in your plans.