Do you work with schools?

Answer: Yes! If you’re an administrator or a teacher, our goal is to work with you to create an ASD friendly environment and help parents navigate the system quickly and efficiently.

Do you work with employers?

Answer: Yes! We help employers understand the ways their business can benefit from employing people with ASD. We also help employers find individuals who would be a great fit for their team.

I’m in HR, how can I best support my employees with ASD?

Answer: We can help you come up with a customized plan that fits your situation.

Sometimes the solution is very simple to create ASD friendly environments that encourage productivity.

We also are available to help you educate your team. We can do anything from small group presentations to corporate-wide team-building activities that create understanding and camaraderie with people with ASD.

Finally, if there are individuals on your team who would benefit from work on interpersonal skills, we can work with them directly one-on-one.

Will you review documents & can you do a paperwork review without an initial assessment?

Answer: Yes! We can review IEPs, 504 plans, Behavior Implementation Plans and provide you with key questions/ suggestions. We can do a paperwork review without an initial assessment; however, we are able to provide a better service if we get to know you/ your child through an assessment.