This week I’d like to celebrate all the dads out there, especially those with children that have differences. First a little disclaimer: everything written below is inspired by many wonderfully different men. No singular dad did all of these things.

Here’s to Dad’s sense of fun and humor!

When his daughter with ASD is feeling down, dad is always there to help her smile.

He relieves his Aspie son’s anxiety by telling him his favorite story, with all the silly voices.

As his autistic daughter shows the beginning signs of sensory overload he makes a silly face and leads her to an area where she can self-calm.

When his son with ASD feels embarrassed because he looks different using his strategies, dad uses the strategies too and shows his son that he is not alone.

He plays with his Aspie daughter, teaching her to laugh and how to enjoy the company of others.

Here’s to empowering dads!

He empowers his daughter with ASD to be self-reliant by showing her expected behaviors and then stepping back to let her try them.

He encourages his son with Asperger’s Syndrome to try new things, ready to support him in whatever happens next.

He asks his daughter with autism to take the next challenge and supports her until she is ready to do.

And most of all here’s to loving dads!

He provides unconditional love.

He understands the nod and sideways glances he gets from his son with ASD is his son’s way of sharing his love.

He is patient, calm, and kind as he helps his daughter in moments of distress.

He couldn’t care less what others think as his autistic son experiences a sensory overload, and provides what his son needs to self-calm.


He shows his kids what they can do, rather than focusing on what they can’t.

Thank you, dads, for everything! Enjoy this day and take care of yourselves!

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