Our Specialties & Services

We teach, support, and empower individuals, families, and the community to accept people with Autism Spectrum Disorders

We Work With Individuals, Businesses, Schools, & Community Resources

Individual Therapy

Using techniques such as ABA therapy, Social Thinking, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we teach, support, and advocate to improve experiences in schools, at home, and places of employment.


Discover how you can advance your staff and facility with our personalized suggestions for growth.


Train community employees, such as first responders, teachers, and librarians to communicate effectively with people with ASD, learning tools to prevent and de-escalate crisis situations.

Our Expertise


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We provide direct instruction to understand the nonverbal components of conversation, such as body language, facial expressions, and the sound of speech. We also help with the verbal components, how to follow the flow of conversation, the nuances of conversation, understanding idioms and local expressions, since these are also difficult.


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We teach the understanding of expressions of empathy, the differences between interactions with acquaintances and friends, how to maintain friendships, and awareness of sexual behaviors. We are happy to work with individuals with autism, with or without diagnoses, understand the who, what, where, when, why, and how of relating to others. 

Expected & Confusing Behaviors

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Do you feel like your interactions are off? Are you/ or your child committing social blunders? We facilitate understanding the ever changing unwritten rules for interacting in various places and times. Learning to read the environment for clues is a critical skill for determining how to interact.

Sensory Differences

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We understand sensory sensitivities and work to create healthy living strategies. Healthy strategies can positively affect many aspects of life, easing challenges both mental and physical.  We teach individuals with autism, with or without diagnoses, techniques for better health and hygiene, mindful of your sensory concerns.

Executive Function

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Good executive functioning skills lead to success in school, relationships, and employment.  We have many options for making organizing, time management, and setting goals easier.  We are happy to share knowledge and techniques for assisting with executive function for kids, teens, and adults, through consult and presentations.

Employment Obtaining & Maintaining

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Successful employment requires many things that individuals with Autism often find challenging: interviewing skills, good communication, “reading the room”, dress, and hygiene are some common concerns.  We work with you to discover how to overcome your specific challenges so you can achieve true independence.

Parent/Guardian Support

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Would you like support as you navigate the challenges and celebrate the gifts your child brings? Do you want to know how to participate in creating an IEP or 504 plan ?  We listen to you and provide guidance to work through your concerns and challenges.  We are happy to listen and collaborate with you to address them.

Embracing Autism in the Workplace

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Do you have concerns about working with individuals with autism?  People with autism provide many benefits to their employers and coworkers but initial adoption and acceptance can be tricky.  We will share knowledge on the benefits of employees with ASD and workshops for integrating them into the workforce.

Emotional Regulation & Mindfulness

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Are you unsure of the reason you react to different experiences? We provide strategies to become aware of emotions and balance their expression. Sensory differences result in differences in the perception of emotions, and their expression. Emotional regulation is an important part of creating and maintaining relationships, and employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you help?

We are delighted to help adults, teens and children with social difficulties, organizational and executive function challenges, whether diagnosed or not.

Do you provide one-on-one sessions and how often are they?

Yes, we do provide one-on-one sessions in our office in Lake Forest IL, or by Skype / FaceTime if you prefer. We will create a personalized schedule based on your needs.

Do you work with schools?

Yes! If you’re an administrator or a teacher, our goal is to work with you to create an ASD friendly environment and help parents navigate the system quickly and efficiently.

How can a business benefit from your services?

We help employers understand the ways their business can benefit from employing people with ASD. We also help employers find individuals who would be a great fit for their team.

What does your training for first responders look like?

Our training varies, based on the needs of the unit.  We recommend hour long sessions or a Lunch and Learn to best understand: what autism is, how to de-escalate a situation involving someone with ASD, communicate effectively, and much more.