What to expect

Initial Consultation

During your 30 minute session, we listen to your concerns and aspirations then work with you to create a plan to address them. We may recommend weekly, monthly, sessions as needed, and/ or consultation, depending on your specific goals. At the initial consultation, we may determine that more information is needed before going into sessions, and recommend an individual needs assessment. Our individual needs assessment allows us to become better acquainted with your strengths and challenges.  Let’s get started!

Session Description

We are flexible in how each 1-hour session can be used. Your personal needs determine the way sessions are provided.  You may use sessions for individual work in our office, practicing skills in the community, and/ or consultation with parents, educators, and/ or employers. You can use sessions to cover observations, as well as attending IEP or 504 meetings. We are happy to provide sessions in person, or via FaceTime/ Skype.  Any in-person sessions requiring travel will have an additional charge.